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CD--In Creation

"Surrender", the history
Dedicated to "Surrender" of Wichita Falls, Texas
The band members due to life
have had to go their separate ways.

My hope is that one day we might
once again find time and pleasure
in continuing the enjoyment of playing
and performing for small gatherings
or whatever the Lord might present us.

Until that time I will try to keep this
web site up as a tribute to the
members of -

" S U R R E N D E R "

Founding Members:

Tom Morrison: Vocals
Randy Duke: Bass
Lance Shaffer: Lead Guitar
Steve Huddleston: Rhythm Guitar
John Holder: Drums
Al Furgeson: Sound Engineer

Surrender performed in and around
Wichita Falls and Lawton for a number
of years.


Tom Morrison: Vocals, Guitar
Randy Duke: Bass
Larry Balser: Keyboards
Dink Harris: Drums
Bobby Walker: Lead Guitar